Automotive Emergency Kit

If you travel by car, whether it is often or far, you should have as part of your travel planning a car emergency kit.

You never know when your car will let you down, whether it is an old beater or a vehicle brand new off the lot. If at the time it happens to be late at night or you are far from civilization, you may have to rely on your own wits to get you out of the situation.

(It must be said, that this one thing is sufficient excuse for you to own a cell phone. Call someone to come. It will save everyone time and stress.)

tow truckExclusive of the travel safety kit you should at least have a jack, a lug wrench and an inflated tire. There are two very common troubles that will leave you stranded by the side of the road. One is running out of gas. The other is a flat tire. The one you can arm yourself against.

Here are the things that are commonly included in a car emergency kit.

A first aid kit for obvious reasons. Some flares to alert others of your position and your need for assistance. Jumper cables because dead batteries. Oil, antifreeze and brake fluid in case you have lost track of your essential fluids.

Fuses because they blow.

Some gloves (if you are a sissy person).

A blanket in case help doesn’t come and the weather sucks.

A flashlight because there is nothing worse than trying to work on something you can’t see.

Screwdrivers – get a 4 or 6 way instead of carrying several.

Good pliers and or vise grips.

A crescent wrench.

A small tire inflator in case your inflated spare isn’t.

A tire gauge – that should be in your glove compartment anyway.

Rags and paper towels (especially if you skipped the gloves.)

A pocket knife, because a good one has so many uses.

Some water and snacks because it could be a while before somebody shows.

Did I mention a cell phone?

The easiest thing is to call for help, but you should have an emergency repair kit with you because sometimes you can’t. Even if you can’t do simple repairs yourself, someone who stops may be able to, but will have to use your stuff to do so.

Safe travels