Choosing A Quality Jumper Pack

If your car engine has ever had an issue starting, you’ll know how big of a problem it is to find a way to bring it back to life. Finding jumper cables, a willing stranger and another car battery can take a lot of time and leave you stranded for hours, ruining your day and your plans.

In the past few years, however, jump-starting a car has become much easier with the advent of the jumpstarter — a portable piece of equipment that allows you to jump start your own car quickly and safely.


An emergency device like a booster starter can be a lifesaver, allowing you to be self-reliant in unpredictable situations. But just like picking a car, choosing the perfect jump starter can be an arduous process if you
are not sure what to look out for. Here is a look at some of the most important features of a booster pack as well as a few tips on what to watch for when buying one.


Jump Starter Pack Features

Portable jump starters come in a variety of different sizes, prices and can have entirely different specifications. Here is an overview of the top three key features where they can differ as well as how this can affect your overall experience:

Battery Power — Each jump start pack has a different battery power. This feature determines how quickly you will be able to boost your car back to life and can be the most important factor to look for, especially if you’re using the pack during bad weather conditions. In other words, the cranking power of the pack should be chosen in relation to the size of your car engine as well as weather in your area. For example, a 4-cylinder diesel engine might require a power of 350 amps, while a 6-cylinder would be paired best with a 450 amp battery. Also, keep in mind that cold weather and snow draw over 50% more power than normal weather conditions.

Clamps and Cable — The clamps on your unit are a very important feature — some packs have heavy duty clamps, while others are less sturdy. The difference this can make in bad weather or in dirty conditions is huge and can significantly impact the quality of the product. This can also be said of the length of the cable — a top quality product has cables that give you flexibility while you are jump starting the car.

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Weight — This feature is very closely related to the battery’s power. Unfortunately, the larger the power and size of the battery, the heavier the unit. A number of add-ons like lights and a radio can also add to the weight of the product, making it less easy to store and use.


What to Watch Out For When Buying A Jumper Pack


In need of a jumpAs with most other products, portable jump starters come in a variety of prices — ranging from as little as $40 to well over $300. However, vast price differences can be quite misleading considering that a higher price does not necessarily mean that the product is of a higher quality. So while it can be tempting, the price should not be the first thing you look for when deciding which pack to purchase.


One of the most important characteristics to look out for is the voltage of the battery. Car batteries come in a range of different voltages, from 6 Volts to 19 Volts. It’s important to keep in mind that the car battery’s voltage must match the voltage of the car battery jumper for it to be able to work properly. While the standard car battery is 12V and most battery jumpers are also 12V, make sure that you are not purchasing a pack that is too powerful for your vehicle or that your vehicle is not operating on the outdated 6V mechanism.

Features & Functionality

As mentioned in the previous section, battery booster packs can have a number of different features and add-ons that can change your experience of the product. These can range from USB ports to flashlights and have varying degrees of utility. When deciding which pack to purchase, think about what features are absolutely necessary for your personal needs as well as the extent to which you will be using the extra features if you end up purchasing them.


One of the characteristics that you should be paying attention to the most is how easy it will be to use your jumper battery. While certain packs might offer a range of different features for an affordable price, they might also be very difficult to use. A good way to determine how easy the product is to use is by examining the cables — the smaller the number the longer and bigger the cables. For instance, #4 cables are about 12 inches, while #6 cables are 27 inches long. The longer the cables, the higher the likelihood that you will be able to use your portable car jumper with ease.


Tips for Successfully Jump-Starting Your Car With a 12 Volt Jump Starter

In the event that you need to jump start your car with the unit that you purchased, here is a 5-step procedure for doing it as easily as possible:

1. Turn off the ignition and all electrical features within the carjump starter pack

This step is very important for your safety and a necessary precaution to avoid damage to your car.

2. Connect the clamps of the jump starter to the car battery

The battery terminals must be connected from positive to positive (red clamp) and negative to negative (black clamp). Reversing the connection (positive to negative) can cause sparks and damage to the unit.3. Turn the battery pack on

3. Turn the portable jump starter on

Switch the on/off switch on the booster pack  on.

4. Turn the car over

Turn the engine for periods of 5 secondsIn order for the jump starting to be completed, you will need to crank your engine for 5 second-long bursts which. Do this several times. However, make sure not to do it for longer than 5 seconds as you might damage your jumpstart pack.

In order for the jump starting to be completed, you will need to crank your engine for 5 second-long bursts which. Do this several times. However, make sure not to do it for longer than 5 seconds as you might damage your jumper .

5. Turn the jumper pack off

Once the engine has started, you can safely turn off your jump charger to the ‘off’ position. Afterwards, be sure to first disconnect the black clamp and then the red one.

There you have it. Instead of sitting on the side of the road stranded for hours, with the aid of your new portable jump starting pack you will be on the road again in minutes.

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